About Tel Kirma – A craft for patient souls


A craft originating from the Bartın region and later spreading throughout Turkey and beyond, tel tirma is the hand-animated dance of silver or gold thread upon cloth.

Research shows that tel kırma embroidery a kind of flat, diagonal cross needlework in various silver covered threads-originating from the Bartın region was first seen around 1890-1900. It is believed that the earliest tel kırma embroidery was done by Hatice Ağaç-kıran, who was known by her nickname “the secretary’s daughter” and lived in Bartin’s Asma district. For this reason, tel kırma is considered to be a crafts of Bartın. The sparkle of silver makes tel kırma the most eyecatching of embroidery work. When you pick it up, you feel just how heavy it is-much heavier than one would expect thread to be. That is because tel kırma is made of silver or gold-covered thread. Nowadays copper thread is also used at nimes. Skillful hands embroder the tel kırma using needles that have been handmade in Bartın since the 17 th century and are used solely for this purhose.
Tel kırma is done without the use of scissors.
Tel kırma embroidery can be carried out on leather as well as kinds of textiles such as suede.velvet, taffeta, chiffon, tulle , and linen. There are various techniques for making tet kırma embroidery. The most popular of these are f tel sarma” (thread wrapping), “tel kırma” (thread cutting), and “hristo tegeli”(a kind a of basting).

Tel Kırma

28 Temmuz 2014 |

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