Import tips for tel-kirma embroidering


There are some very important points to keep in mind when doing tel kırma, a craft which requires the utmost care and patience.

First of ail, the warp (lengthwise) and woof (width-wise) threads of the cloth have to be of the same type. Secondly, make certain that the holes in the tulle are regularly spaced and not too dense. You should also be sure that neit-her side of the tel kırma needle is sharp. You need to tautly stretch the cloth using an embroidery hoop, it is very important that the thread be threaded through the needle in accordance with the particular technique to be used in order to keep the thread from curling. If the thread does curl, you must straigh¬ten it back out using your fingers and not your fingernails in order to produce a flawless desing.

While embroidering, the thread should also be held flat and outside of the palm .not inside it. Finally, if you don’t want your embroidery to tamish,when finishing up, it is important that you do not use a hot the embroidered surface. The stories behind the designs Originally tel kırma embroidery was used upon bedclothes,pillows.bridal bundles.and circumcision sheets to be included in brides’ trousseaus. Nowadays,precious works of tel kırma clothing can be seen embellishing the windows of luxury boutiques. Designs continue to be named after what they depict,or are said to resemble,such as butter dish.rose in the field, vine leaf.drunken street, mihrab, millstone, tulip garden .passion flower.broom, and hump backed bridge, The “butter dish” refers to a falling star, while “drunken street” is a staggering stitch.
The thread itself is used to cut the thread as the embroidering progresses. Tel kırma is embroidered using a special needle. This short, flat needle is wide at the top and grows narrower towards the bottom. There are two lateral holes on the broad side of the needle, which measures 2.5-3 cm long and is narrow enough to pass through the holes in tulle The thread is woven through these holes with a needle made of metals such as gold, silver, or brass. The tel kırma embroidering process cannot be made easier by drawing or copying a parti¬cular desing. Tel kırma is the most challen¬ging of embroidery types. It is extremely laborious,for the hands as well as the eyes… It requires caferul attention and much pati-ence If you accidentally skip a stitch somew-herein the desing,the mistake becomes apparent once the job is completely done. There is no front or back to tel kırma; both sides can be used as the front.
The motif called “snowfall on the rose” mean while arises from a true story. 100 years ago snow fell upon Bartın in the month of August. And so large roses were embroidered in the four corners of covers with tel kırma for snow, resulting in what then became known as the “snowfall on roses” motif. There are dozens of other motifs of unknown name depic ted using tel kırma.
Nebahat Maşalı,who has been doing tel kırma for many years, is setting an example of how new technological possibilities need to be used in order to keep traditional handicrafts alive via her website.
(http:// where she displays the hundreds of different types of tel kırma that she herself has produced.On her website Maşalı provides information about tel kırma embroidery and also offers hundreds of tel kırma products, including everything from henna sets to tablecloths.
The traditional handicraft of tel kırma is also very popular with tourist who visit Turkey. During US. President George W. Bush’s visit to Turkey in 2004 Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdoğan’s wife Emine Erdoğan presented U.S. First Lady Laura Bush with a shawl embroidered using tel kırma.

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