Bartin Sports Activities


Trekking The plateaus of Bartın have an average attitude of 1000 meters. These plateaus are covered with forests exhibiting all aspects of green and there is temporary dwelling areas spread among the forest like spots. This natural beauty with rich flora and fauna and excellent panoramas attracts visitors. City of Bartın provides rich alternatives to the trekkers looking for new and beautiful courses. Hunting Bartın hosts rich wildlife with various hunting animals. There are approximately 40 mammal species and 129 bird species encountered inside the Bartın – Kastamonu Küre Mountain National Park. During the hunting season, territorial hunting is allowed in Bartın at localities of Uluyayla, Kurucaşile rural section, Kayabaşı, Kayadibi, Büyükdüz, Sarıçicek, Kokurdan and Turanlar. Hunting animals like duck, goose, quail, toy bird, üveyik (stock dove), çulluk (woodcock), deer, rabbit and wild goat are found in the region seasonally. Line Fishing There are various fish species among the shores of Bartın. Therefore, fishing with the method of line fishing of whiting (mezgit), horse mackerel (istavrit), medium sized bluefish (çinekop), bluefish (lüfer), grey mullet (kefal) , turbot (kalkan), tunny (palamut), garfish (zargana) and bream (karagöz) is possible. Underwater Diving Centers The Bartın vicinity of the Black Sea is at crystal clearness and at the color turquoise and inhabits sunken riches. Geography Temperate naval climate (Black Sea) is dominant in Bartın. Summer seasons are hot while winter seasons are chilly. History Until BC 1200 year, Gasgas tribe inhabited in the environ of Bartın. In the following years, the region had entered under the dominance of Hittites, Frigs, Kringens, Kokons , Enets, Kimmers, Lydians, Persians and Macedonians. The historic progress of Bartın continues with the dominance of Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire and later with the dominance of Turkish states of Seljuks and Candaroğulları between 11th – 13th centuries. Bartın was conquered by Yıldırım Bayazıt in 1392 and had become a state of Ottoman lands. Where to Eat The multi varied and delicious Bartın meals are majorly composed of meals with meat, vegetable, milk, pastry and meals cooked with olive oil. These meals are accompanied with pilaf, soup and desert varieties. What to Buy The hand weaved products, especially the string pleated hand – painted kerchiefs and wooden pressed inscriptions are famous among the country. The district of Amasra had advanced in the field of wooden and woven souvenirs. Kurucaşile is known as the location where the most beautiful schooners are constructed. Don’t Leave Without -Eating fish and salad in Amasra, -Swimming at Bozköy and Çakraz beaches, -Participating to trekking activities, -Visiting and authentic Bartın house, -Participating the Bartın Strawberry Festival Culture and Tourism Activities.

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